Art-to-Go Kits

We decided to do Art-to-Go Kits for our Silver Award project, because we wanted to help kids in long and short term medical care. Living in a medical community like Rochester, Minnesota, we realized that there are a lot of kids going through the medical system every year and many of them are hospitalized.

We thought:  For a kid, what is more boring or scary than laying in a hospital bed and having nothing to do? So, we come up with these Art-to-Go Kits to entertain and distract kids and help ease the stress on families in long or short term care in the hospital.

Here are directions to make the friendly eye craft.

Each kit is an 8x8 pizza box filled with:


a notebook or notepad, crayons, a bookmark, a “friendly eye” craft, a coloring sheet, stickers or tattoos,  markers or colored pencils, and a stuffed animal.  The Big Brother/Big Sister kits include a baby hat that they can give as a gift to their new baby sibling. We think the pizza box is perfect, because it can be used as a flat surface to color on from a hospital bed or a waiting room chair and it can be colored itself.

Here is a link to our YouTube video!


Sarah, Fionna, Katelyn, McKenzie