Operation Animal Love

Project Description

Operation Animal Love is a project meant to raise awareness about threatened and endangered animals native to Minnesota.

We had five main animals we worked on, listed below. We attended Quarry Hill Nature Center’s (QHNC) Earth Day event and Oxbow Park and Zollman’s Zoo’s Spring Fest event. We presented booklets (pictured below) containing information about the animals and some info about the project itself. At QHNC’s Earth Day event we unveiled an educational game curriculum. We also had a “Pinkie Pledge” that signified you would do everything you could to protect the animals at both events.

The Booklets

Inside the booklets we had an informational page containing facts about each animal’s diet, habitat, predators, and a few fun facts. We also had an activity page inside the booklets containing a word search, a dot-to-dot, and a coloring page with things related to that animal (PDF file with activity sheets linked below). The back of the booklet had a QR code to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR), a QR code to our troop website, and info about the Pinkie Pledge. On the front was a picture of the animal with both its scientific name and common name. It also had a bright orange sticker that stated whether it was endangered or threatened. Next to the sticker was a white board sticker that had the animal’s population in Minnesota written with a white chalk marker. It also had a QR code to QHNC’s website or Oxbow Park and Zollman’s Zoo’s website depending on which event we were at. The last thing the booklets had on the front was a little paper that stated the booklets were for a Girl Scout Silver Award Project.


The 5 Main Focus Animals

Eastern Spotted Skunk

Loggerhead Shrike

Timber Rattlesnake

Karner Blue Butterfly

Northern Cricket Frog: no profile on the DNR website

DNR Endangered, Threatened and Special Concern List

Coloring Pages PDF

 The Hike Curriculum

The hike curriculum we made was for QHNC only. It has 10 days in the life of one of the five chosen animals. To play you had to pick one animal and stay that animal throughout the rest of the game. Each day asks a question, for example Day 1 for the Eastern Spotted Skunk was “You just left your mother and are searching for a den site. Do you snuggle down…” There are then two options to choose from, one is correct, the other is incorrect. Option one, labeled Trail A, led you down a trail that had another sign that gave or took energy points based on what the option was. For example, the Eastern Spotted Skunk’s Day 1, option A, or Trail A, was “In a nest of leaves by the pond? Or” Trail B, “In a cozy crack in a rock?” Down Trail A, the sign says you are incorrect, taking five energy points and explaining why the answer was incorrect. Down Trail B, the sign says you are correct, giving you five energy points and the reason the answer was correct. This game is usually used during any summer camps QHNC hosts or during school field trips to help kids understand the flow of energy in nature.



The Pinkie Pledge

Before Both Events

Our troop mates at the events started the Pinkie Pledge. 


After Both Events

After both events we had 173 pinkie prints on the paper, representing the number of people we reached with our project.

The Pinkie Pledge signified that you were going to do everything you could do to help save the animals.