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Silver Award Guidelines

Silver Award Program Kit

Silver Award Criteria:

1. Use active leadership (we want girls to mobilize or engage members of their community around an issue)

2. Create a lasting impact  (the project must be the project or at least parts of the project continue on after the girl has completed her award)

3. Be new and unique (we want girls to use their creativity and critical thinking skills to create something that has not already been done or already exists)

4. Be measureable (the girl must be able to determine the impact the project had on her community)

5. Address a community (or global) need (we want girls to begin to understand and help meet a specific community need)

6. Address the root cause of an issue (we want girls to research and begin understanding why different community needs exist.. for example we want girls to not just understand the services the animal shelter provides but begin to understand why there is a need for an animal shelter in the first place) 


Inspiring Ideas

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